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In the early hours of April 18th 2010, in an outdoor cat run, I was born. My mother was a famous pure bred father was a shadow in the night I never knew. When I was 4 weeks old, I was put up for adoption and that's where this story begins.

Thursday, 20 January 2011


I thought  I would "model" my scratch-patch's lovely and smells nice too. The black and white pole is where I can really grip and sharpen my cute, tiny claws. In this pose, I'm lying horizontal inside the middle shelf and enjoying the feeling of the material.
Life is good and I am adorable.

.....oh, and I watched Ratatouille four times today while my humanoids were at work! 


  1. My goodness, yes, you certainly are adorable with a capital A. Sam & I leave an open offer of adoption on the table...or on the scratching post for you. For you, Dex, the offer stays open for the next 20 yrs :D
    (Sam always wanted to be a dad and I always wanted to be a mom. We baby our human Mom half to death)
    Big nose lick and headbonk to you from us!

  2. it's almost like your own little barber pole!

  3. Dex, some day you will be TOO BIG to fit there! Can you imagine? And your tiny claws will be mighty'll have your scratcher begging for mercy!

  4. Dang Dexter, yoo are sooo cute! We don't know how someone could give yoo up at only four weeks. Maybe dey couldn't cope wif da adorableness dat is yoo.

  5. Dexter, you are such a cute little boy! Thanks for visiting my blog. I like TV, too, but my Mom doesn't like me exploring behind it to see where the sound is coming from.
    Furry hugs,

  6. Hey, sweet Dex! Come over to my page and pick up your award. I think you might have already been given this, but...just in case :)