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In the early hours of April 18th 2010, in an outdoor cat run, I was born. My mother was a famous pure bred father was a shadow in the night I never knew. When I was 4 weeks old, I was put up for adoption and that's where this story begins.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Fun in the Sun!

My humanoid wanted me to model my Super-Cute-Cat-Charm (say that fast 5 times) in the garden. As you can see, I have to start at the end of the path or "runway"......give my cat model pout.....

........Walk up towards the camera......

See - I'm a proper cat schmodel! :)


  1. Hey Dexter !
    You are a Super Model !!! Dark, ROUND and Handsome : )

    Have a cool day ! Dexter !

  2. and you "shake your little tush on the CATWALK!!"

    You get cuter by the day! Your cat charm is quite becoming on you!


  3. A fishy charm! Does that mean you get tunas every day?

    You are becoming quite the cute/handsome Cat...all the girlcats will be swooning over your swarthy looks!

  4. You are adorable!!! That's what you are.

  5. You are too incredibly cute! What kind of kitty are you?

  6. You know how you can tell a quality cat model? They always put their paws right out front. You did it purrfectly! (It's something you're born with.)

  7. @Mr Puddy: Hey! Thank you! Hope you have a coolio day too! :)
    @Caren & Cody: That's really lovely of you to say - thank you!
    @Katnip Lounge: Girl cats...eeuww...I'm not quite ready for all that girly stuff! :P (I like your idea about getting tuna's every day...will suggest this to my humanoid!)
    @Sweet Praline: Apppprrreciate the compliment!
    @Ramblingon: Thank you very much!
    @APAWS Foster Mom: I am a XPersian...I never knew my dad unfortunately but I thank him every day for good genes! xx
    @Cat Mandu: Thanks very much. My humanoid says I was born to be a cat model! :)