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In the early hours of April 18th 2010, in an outdoor cat run, I was born. My mother was a famous pure bred father was a shadow in the night I never knew. When I was 4 weeks old, I was put up for adoption and that's where this story begins.

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Grass, grass, grass...

I love grass! It's great cos I think it really compliments the colour of my fur....ahhhh yesss....the life of a cute kitten - it's hard, but someone's gotta do it! :)

Think I might head indoors soon to go watch a movie.....Ratatouille maybe? Yes please!!


  1. Little Dex, EVERYTHING compliments your furs, darlin' We think the dictionary should change the definition of adorable to one word: Dexter :)
    You know, we understand you like grass, but that first picture we thought you were shooting laser beams out of your beautiful eyes! Yikes! No one's safe!

  2. Hey "almost aunt Lucy".....ha-ha - totally see what you mean by the laser beams. How funny - it does look like I have super powers! :) Don't worry, I would never hurt you or Sam or any of my other friends.

    Thank you for the dictionary idea - I've asked my humanoid to write to Mr Oxford Dictionary to put this request forward....



  3. you are soooo adorable! Hope you got to watch your movie!!xoxo

  4. Dexter, you look like a fluffy Yard Panther! Have you caught any bugs yet?

  5. @Caren & Cody: Yes thank you - I did get to watch my movie....3 times! :)

    @Katnip Lounge: A Panther?? Wow!! I like that a lot!!!
    Unfortunately bug catching yet. I'm still practicing my skills....