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In the early hours of April 18th 2010, in an outdoor cat run, I was born. My mother was a famous pure bred father was a shadow in the night I never knew. When I was 4 weeks old, I was put up for adoption and that's where this story begins.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Garden Relaxation

Ahhhh.....relaxing......I love lying around and just watching the world go by.....ooooooo - especially when an unsuspecting bug wanders by. THWACK! day I'll get one of 'em.


  1. Oh, Dexter, we can see that you are LOVIN' the outside! One of these days you'll be big enough to taste all those lovely potted plants, too----opps, pretend we didn't say that.
    You are just too adorable for words :D

  2. yep you are just a baby. Whacking a bug takes YEARS of learning!!!

  3. You are such a lucky cat to be outdoors unattended! I (Henry the tabby cat) have to wear a harness AND my mom has to be right there in her lawn chair but I guess it is better than NEVER going outdoors as all! Way to go with swatting that bug!
    I am your new follower and I hope you will join our blog soon at

  4. You are becoming one very handsome kitty!